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My Personal A to Z Challenge | Inspiring bloggers to get personal

Hi Folks,

You may recall the interview with Julie Dawn Fox. Julie has now created a great hub website:

My Personal A to Z Challenge


This will be a great place to log your posts in the future and I do hope everyone will support Julie in this great new venture.

via My Personal A to Z Challenge | Inspiring bloggers to get personal.

Please pop along and sign up today!


I never realized Bristol was so historic!
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Wordangell's Blog

I thought Bristol as the next town on my list would be easy, not so. In fact it has been really hard. I have only visited Bristol once as a ‘sightseer’, you know where you spend time actually wandering round and finding things. I did take some good pictures too but as I began to research Bristol I discovered that there are so many things to tell. Bristol has connections dated back as far as Saxon times and was originally known as ‘Bricgstow’. Not difficult to see how the name changed to become Bristol when you know the wonderful local accent. Bristol was believed to have been founded sometime between 577 and 978 AD, I say believed to be founded because  it is not mentioned until a while after documented evidence proves that Bath, Cirencester and Gloucester were involved in a battle that Bristol had no mention in. However Bristol was there in 1063…

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B is for Bachata, Brugal and Barahona

B is for Bachata

B is for Bachata

My A-Z continues with B, and three of my favourite Dominican things. Bailando Bachata, Bibiendo Brugal and Barahona! (Dancing bachata, drinking Brugal and Barahona)

B seems quite “Sexy” in the Dominican Republic!

Check out Lindsay’s post over at What about your saucepans?


Being an architect, this would be the most logical way to start my A-Z. But I will try not to write too much.


For anyone with even a minor interest in architecture, the UK is an amazing place. It is possible to find a diversity of buildings dating from Roman times to modern, living side by side, in an improbable harmony. It may be the wealth, or the need to show the greatness of the empire, or simply the creative minds of someone living in a quite-grey-and-not-that-warm place but the fact is that throughout times the UK has had some different ways of looking into the architectural trends. Every year, the London Festival of Architecture and the London Open House are great opportunities to learn a bit more about these.

I did not study British architecture in detail so I will only talk about my feelings towards what I…

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Another great “A” for Australia! Please click across to Barb’s blog and say hi!
If you would like to join our Country A-Z Challenge please contact me by email or leave a comment below.

What is Arundel?
Please check out WordAngell’s blog and encourage her with you comments and likes.

Wordangell's Blog

   The UK is rich in well documented history and in my A – Z of the UK I am going to look at, not just the towns but the wonderful history that is still in evidence today. The pictures of random stones are of Stone Age tools, dug up in places we have lived or found in the garden around the rural Chichester area. These relics triggered off many a happy ‘hunting expedition’ when my children were young and opened up the wonderment of discovering evidence that primitive man lived in the very same places many hundreds of years before us. Burial mounds, Roman Villas, historic forests, medieval villages and museums, we have lived amongst them all. There is nothing I love investigating more than the history of towns and surrounding areas and trying to imagine how these people lived. Having lived on the south coast all my life there…

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Global A to Z

Hi Folks,

I created the Global “My A-Z” country challenge to encourage my blogging buddies all over the world to share information about their own or adopted country. However, anyone is welcome to join in – the more the merrier! Please see original post on my blog My A ~ Z of Portugal
The idea was inspired by a post made by Julie Dawn Fox My personal A-Z of Portugal
Some of my followers embraced the idea and the rest is history!

Here’s the plan

Write a separate post for each letter.  For example A is for avocado (if they are popular in your country) or alligator or whatever. You can use each letter more than once. Create a separate category or page such as A-Z Portugal
I created a page My A-Z or Portugal listed the letters and even added links to posts I’d previously made about different aspects of Portuguese life and culture to start me off!

Write an intro post informing your readers you are starting the challenge and link back to this blog to encourage others to reach out. “Blog Luv”

When you’ve written your post please paste your link in the comments section below, and I will add your blog name to the blogroll. I will also feature a different blogger or post several times each week – probably more!

Please don’t forget when you make a post please paste the link in the comment section below, because as I said I will be featuring at least one blog a week. Although, I already subscribe to your blogs, I don’t want to miss a post or link. I’m human it happens 🙂

A-Z has gone Global!

Please see my blogroll for bloggers participating in on this site

There are many more bloggers going to join us…so watch this space!

I want this to be a fun way of sharing! So hope you will join in!

Please watch this space!