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Random Observations of Life

How does Australia stack up when it comes to crime?  After all, crime or rather the lack thereof, is something most people investigate when deciding where to live.

While we do make TV dramas about our underworld wars and find our drunken violence in the city streets on the weekends very disturbing and unwelcome, we really don’t have a horrendous crime rate in most areas (there are exceptions in small pockets).

During 2010/2011, 359,079 offences were recorded as occurring in Victoria. The total number of offences recorded in 2010/2011 was 2.4% lower than in 2009/2010. As a rate of recorded offences per 100,000 population, there were 6,428.7 offences recorded in 2010/2011. This crime rate was 3.9% lower than the crime rate recorded during 2009/2010 and is the lowest rate per 100,000 population since the implementation of LEAP in March 1993.

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Random Observations of Life

Driest inhabitated continent – Australia

One of the aspects of Australian life that shocked my family on arrival was water restrictions. Four minute showers, people!  They may lack reliable electricity in Nigeria but they do not lack water.  How could this country their Dad was so keen on living in not have enough water?

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