My name is Carole aka Piglet or PiP and I am a “social” blogger.

My daughter PigletinFrance introduced me to blogging and helped me create my blog PigletinPortugal in May in 2010

I love interacting, sharing and promoting other blogs. Why? because when I first started blogging it was a lonely existence – was there anyone out there in cyberspace or was I talking to myself.

In Jan 2011 I joined the wordpress PostaDay/PostaWeek2011 challenge and I’ve never looked back since. I discovered there was a whole blogging family out there in cyberspace, and made some great friends. Some have fallen by the wayside, but I continue to discover new blogs and new friends.

Going forward I hope you will join the Country A-Z bloggers and have fun, but most importantly don’t forget to visit the other blogs and leave comments.

If you have any questions either post in the comments below or my email address is p ig let in po rt ugal @ gmail . com
(Please remove the spaces :))


10 responses to “About

  1. What a clever idea Carole to put it all in one spot!

    • Thanks Sami,
      It’s been a very busy weekend finding my way round wordpress from scratch to create this. I’ve not finished taking photos for my first A-Z post yet 😦
      PS I’m also creating a little badge to add to our blogs to say you are particpating. I do hope the idea takes off. It’s such a nice way to share blogs 🙂

  2. Great idea PiP! Good luck with this!

  3. Morning Piglet! Hope the UK’s being kind to you? Just posted http://restlessjo.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/b-is-for-beaches/ in my A-Z of Portugal, just to keep us busy!

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  6. I got a bit carried away, Carole, so here is my D already!


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