What about your saucepans?: A is for Avocado

A is for Avocado

I knew they were widely available in the Dominican Republic but I had no idea that the DR is actually the 3rd biggest producer of avocados in the world, only Mexico and Chile produce more. The DR has climbed up the rankings since 2008 when it was in 7th place…

Lindsay who lives in the Dominican Republic has joined the “My Country A-Z Challenge”

Please click across and check out her first post A is for Avocado

Please don’t forget to update me on your “My Country A-Z”


4 responses to “What about your saucepans?: A is for Avocado

  1. I love avocados…I would eat one everyday if I could…but I do eat at least one a week.

  2. Hi Lindsay! I hopped over to your blog to read the full post and leave a comment. I’m not sure why but my comment couldn’t be posted so I’ll try again here. I love your blog, it looks great! The post about avocados is fun to read, even though I don’t really like them myself. I’ll be sure to hop over to read tour posts more often!

  3. Thanks for hopping Lian and sorry you couldn’t leave a comment. It seems to get stuck sometimes!

  4. I LOVE Avocados! Keep up the great work PiP! 🙂

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